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How to Create and Keep Your Retirement Income With

The Income for Life Model



David Macchia has crafted an eye-opening, must-read for anyone concerned about the security of his or her retirement income. Lucky Retiree explains how to survive retirement with your income secure, and your savings intact.

401(k) and similar plans guarantee nothing in the way of retirement income. However, it's your income, not your wealth, that creates your standard of living in retirement. Let's do something about income. Lucky Retiree reveals how to invest your savings to create monthly income you can rely on.


David Macchia is a Boston-based entrepreneur focused on enhancing  retirement income security. He is Founder & CEO of Wealth2k, Inc., the nation's leading provider of planning-based retirement income solutions. David is the creative force behind the popular retirement income strategy, The Income for Life Model".​

An author and highly-acclaimed public speaker, David is a nationally-recognized expert in the field of retirement income planning. He earned an MBA, with Honors, from the Boston University Questrom School of Business. David holds the Retirement Management Advisor professional designation.


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